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Autism is Welcome Here.

We understand Autism like no one else as we are a family with Autism. We also understand the Sensory Challenges People with Autism Face.

People with autism are often highly sensitive to their environments. That, of course, means different things to different people on the spectrum — but in general people with autism have unusually sensitive "sensory" systems, meaning that their senses sight, hearing, touch, smell, and taste can all be easily overloaded.

Even more challenging, it can be difficult for people with autism to "just ignore" sensory information as it comes in.

To help you or your loved ones cope with Sensory Overload, here are some of the things we provide with our services.

  • Weighted Blankets.
  • Noice Cancellation Headphones.
  • Products With Less Smell.
Come and lay down under our Weighted Blankets and listen to your favorite tunes using our Noise Cancellation Headphones and we will perform our services and you will be out before you know it.