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Get Trained by the Experts in the Industry.

Zara has been in the beauty industry since 2001. She is our Cosmetologist, Esthetician and Tattoo Artist. She worked at big retailers like Ulta, Fantastic Sams, Custom Cuts. She specializes in Facials, Makeup, EyeLash Extensions and Microblading.

Liyakhat Khan is a Tattoo Artist who specializes in Microblading. Coming from a mathematics background, he follows the Phi Theory or Golden Ratio and applies the concepts when measuring and drawing the eyebrows.

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Our Class Room Sizes

It has been proven that students learn faster and perform better in smaller classes. A small classroom size results in more individual attention, increased participation, and better communication between the instructor and students.

Microblading Training

We offer two day one-on-one or a group training sessions during weekends for Microblading. You will be trained by one of our licensed specialists. On day one, the trainer will provide the material, different ways to measure the eyebrows, how to make different kinds of strokes, and equipement to use. The Trainer will also go though the paperwork needed by the State of Florida to receive the tattoo license.
On the day two, the Trainer is going to give hands on demo on a model. Click on the link below to learn more about our Microblading Training.

EyeLash Extensions Training

Zara, our eyelash specialist will provide training two day training for eyelash extensions. We provide training for both classic and full eyelashes.
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Skin Care Classes

We provide teen age hygiene class to help teens clear up acne and blackheads. This will help teens to maintain healthy glowing skin with Dermalogica products.
We also provide skin care classes to either a group or on one-on-one. We teach about fundementals of applying makeup and advanced makeup techniques tailored to your desired looks.
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